3D Paper Pumpkin Carving Kit with Fun Designs (2024)



First, download my 3D Paper Pumpkin Carving Kit from my free library – look for Design #320. Alternatively, you can use the Save This Project form near the top of this post and the design link will be emailed to you.

The ZIP file contains SVG files for cutting on a Cricut or another cutting machine, DXF files, and printable PDFs for cutting by hand.

There are several different patterns in the kit: there are different sizes, but there are also different scoring styles. The "scored" style is for those with a scoring stylus or scoring wheel. The "perforated" style is for those who do not have either a scoring stylus or wheel, who are using a Joy cutting machine, or who are beginners and just want the project to be easier.


I will show you how to cut this using a Cricut Maker cutting machine, but you can also cut it on a Cricut Explore, a Cricut Joy (when using the small-perforated version, or cut it by hand with a craft knife or scissors.

Start by unzipping and uploading the SVG of your choice to Cricut Design Space. This is what my simple large-scored Paper Pumpkin Kit file looks like when uploaded to Cricut Design Space:

3D Paper Pumpkin Carving Kit with Fun Designs (1)

TIP: If you are not sure how to upload an SVG cut file to Cricut Design Space, watch this helpful video training series I made. If you are on an iPad or iPhone, here is how to download and upload SVG files to the Cricut Design Space app.

Note that this version requires a scoring stylus or wheel. If you do not have one, you'll want to use one of the "perforated" versions instead.

But as the one I'm showing you now does have score lines, it's important that you check to see if they are set already to score or not. So when you first upload your file, check the Layers panel -- if all you see is "Basic Cut" on every layer, then your score line layers are NOT SET and you need to set them before cutting. So I'm going to show you how to identify, set, and attach those score line layers.

To begin, click on Ungroup at the top left. This will release groups at the top level and allow you to work independently with smaller sub-groups.

Now look in the Layers Panel for layers that have score lines, which you'll find in the four pumpkin sides, the pumpkin top, and the optional pumpkin bottom. Score layers look empty lines in the Layers Panel, rather than filled shapes. Here's an example of a score line layer with lines and a cut layer with filled shapes to help you spot the difference.

Once you identify a score layer, click on it in the Layers panel to select it, then go to the Operations menu at the top of the screen and choose Score. This tells your Cricut to score rather than cut that layer.

Now select both the score layer and the basic cut layer immediately beneath it, and click on Attach at the bottom right of the window. Attaching tells your Cricut to keep these two layers together on the same mat, meaning it will score on this piece of paper. Attaching it essential to do, otherwise your Cricut doesn't know where you want the score line to appear.

Continuing setting the score line and attaching it to the layer immediately below it for the rest of the design. These are the layers with score lines:

* Pumpkin sides (4 layers)
* Pumpkin top (1)
* Pumpkin bottom (1) — this layer is optional, you may not want to cut it if you're using a tea light

Once you've set and attached your score lines, your next task is to decide how you want to carve your pumpkin!

I've included many different designs in your carving kit — there are 17 jack-o-lantern faces, a sunflower, a leaf-and-vine pattern, a "hello autumn" with leaves, a "pumpkin spice baby," and a "give thanks" design. Lots of options for the autumn, Halloween, and Thanksgiving! And you can put your own design in as well, like a monogram or an image — it's entirely up to you!

For this tutorial, I'm going to choose to carve a pumpkin face on one side and the sunflower design on another side. You can use just one design and keep your other three pumpkin sides blank, use two as I am, or decorate all four sides of your pumpkin!

So hide or delete all of the designs you do not want. The fastest way to do this is to move the designs you want to keep off to the left, move the ones you don't want to the right, select everything on the right, click Group, and click Hide or Delete the group.

Now position the design you'd like on one of your pumpkin sides. Pay attention to where it goes — if any of your design overlaps an edge, it will make your pumpkin harder to assemble and stay together properly. And if any of your design overlaps onto a tab, it won't be visible when you assemble it. Here's a diagram to help you understand your pumpkin design placement:

3D Paper Pumpkin Carving Kit with Fun Designs (2)

Once you have your design where you want it, select both the pumpkin side layer (both the base layer and score layer) and the design layer (so THREE layers) and click "Attach" in the lower right. Attaching them like this tells your Cricut where you want your design to be cut.

Continue doing this for other sides of your pumpkin, or just leave them blank — it's your choice.

Now you can click Make It, then click Continue, and then choose your material. I used "Medium Cardstock" for my 65 lb. and 80 lb. papers, and "Heavy Cardstock" for my 100 lb. papers (because I had some in the right colors and wanted to use it, but it WAS harder to cut and fold).

Here are all the pieces I cut for my large and smooth pumpkin with a sunflower on one side and a jack-o-lantern on the other:

[insert photo of all cut pieces]


To begin, fold in the tabs on all of your pumpkin pieces.

The important thing to remember is to fold the tabs all four sides in the same orientation, otherwise they won't glue together properly. So I recommend you put all four on your work surface so they have the tabs in the same spots, so you don't accidentally turn one around and glue it the wrong way. If you have writing on any of your pumpkin pieces, you'll want to be sure to orient it so that the words read properly on the convex side of the pumpkin.

Once your tabs are folded, I recommend gluing each side to itself with the tabs first, and THEN gluing the sides to each other.

The bottom is entirely optional — it's just there in the event you need it for some reason. I kept my bottoms off most of my pumpkins so it was easier to place an LED tealight in them. If you want to attach the bottom, be aware that is a little tricky. If you just need it to stay in place, glue just a few tabs inside the pumpkin so it stays put. If you need your bottom to be strong, you'll need to glue the tabs to the outside of the pumpkin so you can get them all well adhered.

3D Paper Pumpkin Carving Kit with Fun Designs (2024)


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